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1 song after his hit single "Cheerleader" climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.
According to "Billboard" (November 7, 2007), "Chrome" topped the Top 10 and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs singles chart, was the best-selling single of 2007 in the US, and the Top 10 R&E Airplay chart (unavailable link).
"Chrome", as well as "Flowers for the Deaf", received mixed reviews. Billboard called the single "a catchy-entertaining chorus, visually appealing, but very dull and unconvincing." Based on Steele's music, many critics have noted similarities between "Chrom" and Eiffel 65's "Poppin' Style", which was banned due to its reference to homosexuality.
The fact that the choir is nine years older than Steele significantly softened the critical acclaim. On the Hot 100, the single peaked at #6, becoming Steele's 18th top-of-the-Hot 100 single and 91st overall.
In the UK, the single appeared only in the fourth singles chart of the UK Singles Chart: on the 16th line.
The single also reached the UK Top 100 Modern Rock Tracks.
By the end of 2006, the single had sold over 666 million copies worldwide.
Reaching #2 on the UK Single Chart, Steele's "Hot Space" album "Higher Ground" and other singles recorded during this period received acclaim.
Before airing on US radio in mid-October, at number 9, "Chrome" remained on the UK Singular Chart for a month before peaking at #1.
The second single from the album reached position in the UK charts throughout 2006.
"Boy Meets World" reached No. 1 in the US within two weeks of release, and repeated this success in Canada, where the song peaked at No. 1. "Nothin' New" was the Best Song of 2006 in Canada by Music Week.
The release of the album "High Ground", which marked Steele's return to rock and hard rock music after a long period of disc jockeying, also fe70933767